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Most astrological reports focus on us as individuals, but each one of us is part of our communities, and the world. While we strive for success and happiness, what effect are we having on our natural environment?
Nature Report
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This report focuses on what you can do to be a better world citizen, and more specifically what you can do to nourish and protect our planet, and leave the earth a more beautiful place than when you entered it.

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Sample Astrology Report for Bill Gates.

American computer millionaire, the richest man in the world in the '90s. His company, Microsoft, went public in 1986. By 1991 he was worth some $4.4 billion, No.3 on Forbes' 1991 list of richest Americans. In 1967 the Lakeside Mothers Club used the proceeds from rummage sales to buy a Digital training terminal that was linked by phone to a computer at a local computer company. Gates became hooked on it along with Paul Allen and another friend, cutting classes and hanging out at the school's computer center day and night. His parents helped instill his competitive nature by turning leisure time into games that reward skill and cunning. He went to Harvard intending to become a lawyer but after reading about the first commercially available microcomputer, the Altair 8800, Gates and Allen knew the future was in computers. They built a computer in 1975, working day and night in Gates' dormitory room at Harvard. When their program worked, they dropped out of school to found Microsoft. When IBM was looking for a new operating system and were unable to make connections with the originator of the CPM operating system, they immediately contacted Microsoft. Microsoft called a local company named Seattle Computer Products and bought the rights to Tim Patterson's Q-DOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) for $50,000. Gates modified the program, renamed it MS-DOS and sold it to IBM. Microsoft incorporated on 6/25/1981, Bellevue, WA and the first trade of Microsoft on the New York stock market was on 3/13/1986.Microsoft is a monopoly Gates is known as a workaholic, he did not take a day off for 13 years. He married Microsoft exec Melinda French 1/01/1994. The Gates donated $25 million to the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative in early 1999. The world richest man with a net worth of some $90 billion, he has pledged $4 billion to various causes. In September 1999, he announced that his foundation will make a donation : $1 billion, to be distributed over the next 20 years to pay the full tab each year for about 1,000 black, Hispanic, Native American and Asian students seeking degrees in science, engineering, math and education. In 2000, Bill and Melinda contributed $22 billion to the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" which finances international vaccination and children's health programs; the largest philanthropic contribution in history to date.

Sample Report
Bill Gates


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Report Name:
Nature Report
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10 pages
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Sample Report
Bill Gates


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